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In 1999, Sticky Fingers was born in Doron Petersan’s kitchen via the original trifecta: the Little Devil, the, Cowvin, and the Sticky Bun. Friends and family lined up for miles to partake in the taste-tests and after the ‘yums’ outweighed the ‘mehs’, she moved on to a tiny little basement store front tucked away in the heart of DC.

Meanwhile, Kirsten Rosenberg got her hands on these rumored treats and couldn’t resist the urge to join the fight to bestow tasty vegan temptations on the masses. The two built an empire that would boast many accolades and awards. With television appearances, landslide contest winnings, a chain of shops in Seoul, South Korea, countless news interviews, and expanding the menu to include a café, their mission was a success. Treat-dealing is a tough job and the bakery and staff were at the top of their game. Yet, after years of cake-pushing, cookie-doping, and frosting-freebasing, Kirsten decided to give up the bakery for her second love and true calling: rocking out as the lead singer of the all female tribute band The Iron Maidens.

Doron went on to continue creating great food without the use of animals while showing others that it could be done both successfully and deliciously. She would carry on the mission and swore to die with her non-leather boots on.  With two wins on the Food Network's Cupcakes Wars, it's time to take those boots off and get back in the kitchen. 

Today, the bakery has grown into a haven for foodies and the health conscious alike.

It is a place to take a load off, have an organic cup o’joe, a Breakfast Burrito and a chocolate chip cookie. It’s a place to bring the whole family for a brunch of biscuits and gravy that will show-up any southerner, and cake that will drop the jaw of every in/out law.

Sweets & Eats for everyone…so come on in—taste what’s bakin’!

Doron Petersan

Sticky Fingers is the food-child of Doron Petersan, junk-foodie genius. Life as an Italian-Jew from New York-turned-vegan was ever so challenging.

Craving traditional guilt laden foods, she was determined to unlock the secrets of creating their animal-free counterparts for everyone to enjoy.

With a degree in nutrition and food science, Doron brought memories of favorite treats to vegan reality. Everything Doron does is so she can eat, create, cook and feed.

Creative Team

It takes a team of dedicated, serious, professional individuals to keep this boat afloat. Meet the makers of the madness, the ones that make it all come true, day after day, cake after cake, meal after meal.

Jason Toner

Our head baker.  His creativity and care for classic creations means you will want for nothing.   When  away from the kitchen, he spends his days power-lifting, dog-walking, and drum-playing.

a group of people in a kitchen

Kamber Sherrod

Takes our goodies and makes them into works of art. As our specialty and wedding cake consultant, she creates the cakes that memories are made of, and tops them off with her hand sculpted sugar-flowers.