It’s President’s Day, so do you know what that means this fine Monday? We’re serving brunch until 2.30p! It’s also National Almond Day! Come to the shop, say “Happy National Almond Day!” when you place your order, and get your choice of a free Almond Linzer cookie (a February special) or our wheat-free Toasted Almond cookie (while supplies last)! 

Since the first day we opened our doors, we've been 100% vegan. To us, it doesn't matter if the individual animal is a chicken or a cat, a pig or a puppy. Each deserves our compassion and respect. This weekend, please help us thank Humane Society International and the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria for shining a spotlight on the tragedies of 'dog meat farming' and rescuing 23 incredibly lucky pups from South Korea. We're donating 25% of the sales of all blueberry pancake stacks (4 for $7.99), blueberry brunch platters ($10.99), and blueberry muffins ($2.25) this Saturday and Sunday. Why blueberries, you ask? The South Korean dog meat farmer is, with HSI's help, now a blueberry farmer! How great is that?! See you this weekend!