Well, hello, first of the month. Nice to meet you, new specials! Let us introduce you to some that are exclusive to February, and some that’ll be with us through the end of March.

available February & March:
·  casserole: BBQ Bake (BBQ seitan, black beans, and sweet potatoes)
·  pasta bake: White Lasagna Florentine with Winter Greens
·  main protein: Lentil Seitan Meatballs with Marina
·  cupcakes & cakes: Champagne (Champagne cake with a raspberry baked right in, passion fruit frosting, and a raspberry on top) and the Chocolate-Covered Strawberry (strawberry cake with vanilla bean frosting, coated in chocolate, featuring decadent white chocolate from Obsessive Confection Disorder, and topped with a perfect bow tie)
·  sandwich cookie: Bourbon Pecan
·  muffin: Banana Chocolate Chip
·  loaded brownie: our fudgetastic brownie swirled with raspberry Chambord-infused jam

only available in February:
·  soup: Curried Coconut Lentil
·  sandwich: Seitan Gyro (house-made lentil seitan seasoned like swarma and served with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce dressed in tzasiki made from Tofutti sour creme)
·  cookies: Almond Raspberry Linzer
·  and…of course…very special Valentine’s Day Cupcakes, Mini Cakes and the return of the Smackers!