Have you made your reservation yet for our EXCLUSIVE TASTING MENU? If not, hurry! We’ve only got 8 seats at the table! Sample our upcoming specials, including curried lentil soup, BBQ bake with seitan, black beans, and sweet potatoes, white lasagna florentine with winter greens, lentil meatballs with marinara, gyros, and incredible desserts—only $35 per person. Fri, Jan 30 at 7.00p. Make your reservation today.

We're doing something new and think you're going to like it! On Fri, Jan 30 at 7.00p, we're previewing our upcoming specials in an EXCLUSIVE TASTING MENU--so exclusive that there are only 8 seats at the table! Curried lentil soup. BBQ bake with seitan, black beans, and sweet potatoes. White lasagna florentine with winter greens. Gyro. Lentil meatballs with marinara. And unbelievably gorgeous and decadence sweets. Sample each of our specials before they hit the menus on Feb 1. $35 per person. Make your reservation before all 8 seats are taken!