It’s President’s Day, so do you know what that means this fine Monday? We’re serving brunch until 2.30p! It’s also National Almond Day! Come to the shop, say “Happy National Almond Day!” when you place your order, and get your choice of a free Almond Linzer cookie (a February special) or our wheat-free Toasted Almond cookie (while supplies last)! 

Valentine’s is creeping up crazy fast, so…quick like a bunny! Place your order so you aren’t shunned like the plague! You know your sweet will want these special sweets…! Mmm…Champagne cupcake (champagne cupcake with a raspberry baked inside, passion fruit frosting & topped with a fresh raspberry), Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcake (strawberry cupcake dipped in ganache with vanilla frosting), Valentine’s Day Cupcake (chocolate or vanilla cupcake topped with a Valentine’s fondant piece), Raspberry Chambord Brownies, and Heart Tarts (chocolate raspberry or vanilla raspberry cake for 2).