We’re a little bummed that there has to be an actual holiday called “National Do Something Nice Day” (cos shouldn’t we be doing nice things all the time?!), but…who’re we to judge? Mention this post and we’ll give you a free cookie! And, while you’re in, why not buy a cookie for someone else…you know…to do something nice!

MWAHAHAHA! (You’re scared, right? Of the spooky Halloweeny laugh? Shaking, right?) We’ve got 31 days of treats in honor of All Hallows’ Eve: spooktacular cupcakes, scary sugar skulls, and creepy cookies! And those are in addition to our month-long Ode to the Pumpkin (pumpkin lattes, whoopee pies, muffins, and cheesecakes)! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

It’s National Homemade Cookies Day! We pored over the rules, and nowhere does it say that you’re disqualified if you don’t make your own batter. So…come pick up some of our damn delicious cookie dough for $1 off and bake at home…or eat it raw. That’s between you and your conscience.