See you tonight at our Cookie Decorating Party and Happy Hour? Say yes! Where else can you pay just $10 and get a kit o’ goodness filled with 2 cookies, 4 frostings, sprinkles, nuts, coconut, candies, and more…AND make your own cookie masterpieces? Kids of all ages are invited. See you tonight at 7.00p!

What're you doing Friday night? Why not come to our Cookie Decorating Party? Get a snazzy kit for only $10--2 cookies, 4 frostings, sprinkles, candy goodness, coconut, chocolate, and all that jazz--and decorate it up! Fun for kids of all ages...and don't forget that we've got boozy adult beverages if you want to multi-task and happy hour it at the same time. $5 craft beer and wine! See you at 7.00p this Friday the 23rd!