Boring old chips and salsa, and carrot sticks and hummus don’t exactly scream Super Bowl extravaganza. Chili bake, chili mac, buffalo nuggets, BBQ nuggets, vegan meatball subs, and team cookies on the other hand…now THOSE make for a pretty festive game, wouldn’t you say? Let us feed you and yours. Place your Super Bowl catering order today!

Okay…so winter holidays are SERIOUSLY right around the corner. Don’t forget that we cater and custom order out the wazoo, and we have sweet treats that are the perfect gifts: Cookie Pack, anyone? What about a Cookie Brownie Combo Pack? A build-your-own? There’s the always-loved Sweet Loaf Combo Pack, too…blueberry, ginger cranberry, apple walnut, and pumpkin spice. We also have gift cards and awesome merchandise that’ll get a smile out of anyone and everyone!

Okay. We promise we aren’t trying to freak you out, but have you made your Thanksgiving plans yet? There’s still time to let us feed you! Our holiday catering menu is stuffed with must-haves. Savory Bake Casserole, garlic sesame kale, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, and jalapeno cranberry sauce. Pumpkin, maple pecan, apple, or individual cheesecakes. Sticky buns and muffins for the morning-after breakfast. Place your order today!