We’ve got everything you need—for yourself and your Valentine. Our Valentine’s Specials (Champagne Cupcakes, Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes, Valentine’s Day Cupcakes, Raspberry Chambord Brownies, Almond Linzer Cookies, Smackers, and Heart Tarts for 2) and gorgeous chocolates from @sjaaks-organic-chocolates & @lagustasluscious & @chocolate-hollow will do more than tempt. They’re guaranteed to leave you breathless and satisfied!

We’re talking about @lagustasluscious anatomical hearts, you naughty boys and girls! Intense vegan bonbons delicately made from dark chocolate, crushed cacao nibs, locally roasted coffee beans, black salt enriched with volcanic minerals, and crunchy bits of bright dried cherries…and we’ve got them waiting for you here in the shop.
(Photo courtesy Lagusta's Luscious)