Since the first day we opened our doors, we've been 100% vegan. To us, it doesn't matter if the individual animal is a chicken or a cat, a pig or a puppy. Each deserves our compassion and respect. This weekend, please help us thank Humane Society International and the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria for shining a spotlight on the tragedies of 'dog meat farming' and rescuing 23 incredibly lucky pups from South Korea. We're donating 25% of the sales of all blueberry pancake stacks (4 for $7.99), blueberry brunch platters ($10.99), and blueberry muffins ($2.25) this Saturday and Sunday. Why blueberries, you ask? The South Korean dog meat farmer is, with HSI's help, now a blueberry farmer! How great is that?! See you this weekend!