Sweet Potato Maple Cupcake 4.00
sweet potato cake with maple frosting & a toasted marshmallow

Salt n Pepa Cupcake 4.00
chocolate black pepper cake with vanilla bean frosting & salted caramel drizzle

German Chocolate Cupcake 4.00
chocolate cake topped with pecan coconut caramel

Pumpkin Whoopie Pie 2.25
filled with cream cheese frosting

Pumpkin Muffin 2.25




3.00 + / 36.00 per dozen

* We offer 7 of these flavors and 2 - 3 alternating seasonal and specialty creations in-store each month. Please call or visit the shop for this month’s flavor selections. Minimum order of 6 required for specific flavors.

Classic Vanilla
Chocolate Love
Cookies ‘n Cake
Rich Red Velvet
Peanut Butter Fudge
Fancy (wheat-free)

Click here for information on our specialty and signature cakes!


Classic Cookies 1.99 +
sweet & salty, chocolate chip, peanut butter, and other seasonal flavors

Cowvin Sandwich Cookies 3.25 +
oatmeal cookies and vanilla cream

Whoopie Pies 2.25
chocolate, red velvet, pumpkin spice (call to order)

Chocolate Chip 2.75 (wheat-free)



Sticky Bun 3.75
sweet dough filled with walnuts & cinnamon, drenched in sugar frosting

Fudgetastic Brownie 2.75

Coffee Crumb Cake 2.25

Little Devil 3.25
vanilla cream-filled chocolate cake sandwich topped with chocolate

Silly Bonez 4.75 (wheat-free)
chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting & chocolate coating

Blueberry Muffin 2.25 (soy-free)

Not-So-Daily Donuts 3.00 
(Tues, Thurs & Sun) baker’s choice




Shepherd’s Pie 7.75
with ‘beef’ curls & veggies stewed in an herbed gravy & topped with creamy mashed potatoes

Autumn Lasagna 7.75
layered with pumpkin, spinach & sage cashew cream

Lentil Coconut Curry Soup 2.99 cup / 3.99 bowl


Munch & Brunch

In addition to our regular offerings, we serve brunch exclusively on weekends until 2:30p. 

> pricing: à la carte / platter*

* platters include a healthy serving of hash browns and scrambled tofu

French Toast 5.50 / 10.99
house-made challah drenched in a nutmeg & cinnamon batter

Pancakes 5.50 / 10.99 (WF available)
fluffy & hearty, served with local Maryland maple syrup or blueberry topping

Biscuits & Gravy 5.50 / 10.99
light & flaky biscuits smothered in a southern-style mushroom gravy

Breakfast Burrito 7.75 (WF available)
tofu scramble, black beans, tomato, spinach & Daiya cheese in an organic, whole grain tortilla


"bacon" or "sausage" 2.00
house-made roasted potatoes 3.99
tofu scramble 3.99 (+1.00 for toast)
organic, whole-grain english muffin 1.70


Sides & Extras

Seasonal Soup  2.99 cup / 3.99 bowl
house-made soups rotating seasonally, such as creamy corn chowder, spicy lentil or hearty tomato

Veggie Chili 2.99 cup / 3.99 bowl
hearty & wholesome with black beans, kidney beans, veggies & chipotle pepper

Cheesy Mac 2.99 / 4.99

Baked Sweet Potato Fries (WF) 2.50 / 4.00

Cilantro Slaw (WF) 2.50

Quinoa Salad (changes seasonally) 2.99

Tofu Scramble 3.99 (+1.00 for toast)

Organic English Muffin 1.70

Loaded Sweet Potato Fries 8.25
baked sweet potato fries, chili, Daiya cheese, avocado, sour 'creme' & fresh salsa




Sandwiches, Salads & Wraps

> pricing: à la carte / platter*

* platters include your choice of a small soup, small sweet potato fries or a small quinoa salad

Solo Burger 6.50 / 8.50
Gardein’s hearty burger patty with lettuce, tomato, and Vegenaise on our house-made multigrain bun (+1.50 for Daiya cheese)

Texas Burger 8.95 / 10.95
Gardein’s hearty burger patty with lettuce, tomato, Daiya cheese, tempeh bacon & ranch on our house-made multigrain bun 

California Burger 8.95 / 10.95
Gardein’s hearty burger patty with lettuce, tomato, Daiya cheese, avocado & house-made salsa on our house-made multigrain bun

Ginger Sesame Burger 8.95 / 10.95
Gardein’s hearty burger patty with lettuce, cilantro slaw & ginger sesame aioli on our house-made multigrain bun

BBQ Burger 8.95 / 10.95
Gardein’s hearty burger patty with lettuce, tomato, Daiya cheese, organic barbecue sauce & cilantro slaw on our house-made multigrain bun

Burger in the Buff: nix the bun & get your burger on a bed of kale

Altuna Melt 6.75 / 8.75
chickpea "tuna" salad, Daiya cheese
(+0.25 for tomato or onion & +1.50 for tempeh bacon)

Reuben 6.75 / 8.75
marinated tempeh with sauerkraut & russian dressing on rye (+1.50 for Daiya cheese)

Black Bean Quesadilla 8.25 (WF available)
loaded with spiced black beans, Daiya cheese & Tofutti sour cream 

Grilled Cheez 4.99 / 6.99
> +0.25 for tomato or onion
> +2.00 for tempeh bacon

Breakfast Burrito 7.75 (WF available)
tofu scramble, black beans, tomato, spinach & Daiya cheese

"Chorizo" Seitan Tacos 3 for 6.75
seasoned house-made seitan sautéed with onion & garlic, and served in soft tortillas with lettuce, fresh salsa, avocado & soy sour creme

Breakfast Sandwich 4.50
our famous tofu "egg" & cheesy nutritional yeast spread with Lightlife's Gimme Lean "sausage" on an english muffin

TLT 8.75 / 10.75
tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomato & Vegenaise

Ginger Sesame Salad or Wrap 7.99 / 9.99 (WF)
Beyond Meat baked with sundried tomato, piled high with house-made cilantro slaw, cucumber, roasted garlic lettuce, carrot & sesame ginger aioli

Power Salad or Wrap 7.99 / 9.99 (WF)
Beyond Meat baked with sundried tomato & served over kale, house-made quinoa salad, hummus, avocado, tomato & cucumber

Chixen Ranch Salad or Wrap 7.99 / 9.99
Beyond Meat baked with sundried tomato & served over black beans, tempeh bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato & cucumber with ranch dressing

Buffalo Seitan Salad or Wrap 7.99 / 9.99
house-made seitan, tempeh bacon, avocado, black beans, lettuce, tomato & cucumber tossed in a buffalo-style sauce with ranch dressing

* choose a whole-wheat or wheat-free wrap *




> pricing: 12oz / 16oz 

We proudly offer Compass Coffee drinks and a variety of teas from Teaism. Decaf available.

Coffee 2.27 / 3.00

Bottomless Coffee (Mon thru Fri) 5.00

Latte, Mocha, Matcha 3.87 / 4.54

Red Eye 3.86 / 4.75

Americano 2.75 / 4.25

Chai 4.09 / 4.77

Cappuccino 3.85

Espresso 2.75 for a 2oz shot

Tea 2.20

Drinking Chocolate 5.00

Hot Cocoa 3.75



Super thick shakes made with soy or coconut vegan ice cream

Chocolate Love 6.50 / 7.25

Classy Vanilla 6.50 / 7.25

Creamsicle 6.75 / 7.50

Cookies n' Shake 6.75 / 7.50

Vanilla Brownie 8.00 / 8.75

Espresso 6.75 / 7.50

Peanut Butter Fudge 6.75 / 7.50



Craft Beer Selection 7.00

Boozy Shakes
Mudslide 10.50
Bourbon Vanilla Bean  10.50
Creamsicle Rum 11.25                                   

Coffee with a kick
Creamy Kahlua au Lait 7.00
Spiced Rum Coconut Latte 9.00

Add a shot to any drink  +4.00
   bourbon * rum * kahlua * vodka




Of course we cater! Call us for delivery options.

Breakfast Sampler -  33.99
4 sticky buns, 4 muffins & 4 seasonal muffins
(serves 12)

Dessert Sampler - 33.99
cookies, brownies, Cowvin Cookies & Little Devils
(serves 12)

Lunch Box - prices vary
Your choice of a sandwich, salad or wrap & chips or a side, and a signature cookie.

Wrap Platter - 115.00
Choose from our assorted wraps.
(serves 12)

Salads & Sides - from 18.00
Choose from our assorted salads & sides.
(serves 6)

Looking for full service catering for your next event?  Please email Ilana at ilana@stickyfingersbakery.com for more information.

We believe in Sweets and Eats for everyone—even if you have wheat sensitivities!

We offer WHEAT-FREE ITEMS but we are NOT a gluten free facility. Our staff is trained on the importance of these allergies so that we can provide wheat-free products with as little exposure to cross-contamination as possible. We ensure that utensils, machinery and displays are cleaned and sanitized between use, but please take note, there may still be particles in the air.