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Margarita Cupcake 3.50 
strawberry cupcake with tequila lime frosting & served with or without salt 

Cherry Blossom Cupcake 4.00 
vanilla cake with cherry filling & almond frosting, coated with toasted almonds & topped with a hand-made sugar cherry blossom (also available as a cake) 

Pistachio Rose Sandwich Cookie 2.25 
pistachio cookies with vanilla bean & rose frosting 

Black Forest Loaded Brownie 3.50 
our classic, decadent brownie baked with loads of sweet cherries inside 

Strawberry Poppyseed Muffin 2.25 
perfect for breakfast, a snack, or a much-deserved treat




3.00 + / 36.00 per dozen

* We offer 7 of these flavors and 2 - 3 alternating seasonal and specialty creations in-store each month. Please call or visit the shop for this month’s flavor selections. Minimum order of 6 required for specific flavors.

Classic Vanilla
Chocolate Love
Cookies ‘n Cake
Rich Red Velvet
Peanut Butter Fudge
Bunny Huggers Carrot
wheat-free Chocolate
wheat-free Fancy

Click here for information on our specialty and signature cakes!


Classic Cookies 1.99 +
sweet & salty, chocolate chip, peanut butter, other seasonal flavors

Cowvin Sandwich Cookies 3.25 +
oatmeal cookies and vanilla cream

Whoopie Pies 2.25
chocolate, red velvet, pumpkin spice (call to order)

Chocolate Chip 2.75 (wheat-free)

Toasted Almond Cookie 2.99 



Sticky Buns 3.75
sweet dough filled with walnuts & cinnamon, drenched in sugar frosting

Fudgetastic Brownies 2.75

Little Devil 3.25
vanilla cream filled chocolate cake sandwich topped with chocolate

Silly Bonez 4.75 (wheat-free)
chocolate cake, peanut butter frosting, chocolate coating

Blueberry Muffins 2.25 (soy-free)

Danish 2.75 (call for availability and flavors)

Not-So-Daily Donuts 3.00 
(Tu, Th and Su) Baker’s choice




"Chorizo" Seitan Tacos 3 for 6.99
seasoned house-made seating sautéed with onion & garlic, and served in soft tortillas with lettuce, fresh salsa, avocado & soy sour creme

Chick’n & Dumplings 5.99 
old-school, Southern-style stew made with Beyond Meat, potato, onion, carrots, herbs & spices, and loaded with biscuit-batter dumplings 

Gyro Seitan Skewers 5.00 
perfectly seasoned house-made seitan served with our very own tzasiki dipping sauce 

Baked Ziti 7.75 
traditional ricotta-style seasoned tofu, cashew sauce & a touch of our house-made marinara mixed with ziti and baked to perfection 

Carrot Ginger Coconut Curry Soup 2.99 cup / 3.99 bowl 
as flavorful & filling as you can imagine

Shake Specials

Margarita Shake 6.75 / 7.50
vanilla soy or coconut ice cream, lime & a touch of salt

Margarita Shake with a Kick 10.50
vanilla soy or coconut ice cream, tequila, lime & a touch of salt



Munch & Brunch

In addition to our regular offerings, we serve brunch exclusively on weekends until 2:30p (and on federal holidays that fall on a Monday). Platters include a healthy serving of hashbrowns & scrambled tofu!

> pricing: à la carte / platter

French Toast* 5.50 / 10.99
french bread drenched in a nutmeg & cinnamon batter

Pancakes* 5.50 / 10.99 (WF available)
fluffy & hearty, served with local Maryland maple syrup or blueberry topping

Biscuits & Gravy 5.50 / 10.99
light & flaky biscuits smothered in a creamy southern-style gravy filled with Gimme-lean sausage

Breakfast Burrito 7.75 (WF available)
organic, whole grain tortilla, tofu scramble, black beans, tomato, spinach & Daiya cheese


"bacon" or "sausage" 2.00
house-made roasted potatoes 3.99
tofu scramble 3.99
organic English muffin (whole grain) 1.70

Choose from blueberry or local maple syrup (S&S)

We proudly offer Counter Culture Coffee and Espresso drinks and a variety of Teas from Teaism. Decaf available.



Soup of the Day 2.99 cup / 3.99 bowl
whether it’s our creamy corn chowder, spicy lentil, or hearty tomato, our house made soups are sure to curb your appetite.

Veggie Chili 2.99 cup / 3.99 bowl
hearty & wholesome with black beans, kidney beans, veggies & chipotle peppers, spiced to perfection.

Cheesy Mac 2.99 / 4.99

Baked Sweet Potato Fries (WF) 2.50 / 4.00

Cilantro Slaw (WF) 2.50

Quinoa Salad (changes seasonally) 2.99

Tofu Scramble 3.99

Organic English Muffin 1.70




Solo Burger 6.50
Gardein’s hearty burger patty with lettuce, tomato, and Vegenaise on our house-made multigrain bun (add Daiya "cheez" 1.50)

Texas Burger 9.50
Gardein’s hearty burger patty with lettuce, tomato, Daiya, tempeh "bacon" and ranch 

California Burger 10.50
Gardein’s hearty burger patty with lettuce, tomato, Daiya, avocado, and house made salsa 

Asian Burger 8.25
Gardein’s hearty burger patty with lettuce, cilantro slaw, ginger sesame aioli

BBQ Burger 8.25
Gardein’s hearty burger patty with lettuce, tomato, Daiya, organic barbecue sauce, and cilantro slaw

Burger in the Buff: nix the bun and order your burger on a bed of kale

Altuna Melt 6.99
chickpea "tuna" salad, Daiya Cheese
(tomato or onion 0.25/tempeh bacon $2)

Reuben 6.75 
tempeh, russian dressing (add Daiya Cheese 1.50)

Black Bean Quesadilla 8.25 (WF available)
loaded with spiced black beans and Daiya Cheese.  Add our house made salsa or avocado

Grilled Cheez 4.99
> tomato or onion +0.25
> tempeh bacon +2.00

Loaded Sweet Potato Fries 8.25
baked sweet potato fries, chili, Daiya cheese, avocado, sour 'creme' & fresh salsa

Breakfast Burrito 7.75 (WF available)
tofu scramble, black beans, tomato, spinach & Daiya cheese

Breakfast Sandwich 5.75
muffin, "sausage," tofu egg, "cheese" spread



Whole-wheat or wheat-free wrap available for an additional 1.25

TLT 8.75
tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomato & Vegenaise

Asian Salad* 7.50 (WF)
lettuce, carrots, house-made cilantro slaw, cucumbers, roasted garlic, sundried tomato, Beyond Meat & sesame ginger aioli

Power Salad* 8.25 (WF)
kale, house-made quinoa salad, hummus, avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, sundried tomato & Beyond Meat

Chixen Ranch Salad 7.50 
lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, black beans, tempeh "bacon," sundried tomato, Beyond Meat & ranch dressing

Buffalo Seitan Salad 7.50
lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, black beans, tempeh "bacon," seitan tossed in a buffalo-style sauce & ranch dressing

* make it a wrap for +1.25




> pricing: 12oz / 16oz 

Coffee 2.27 / 3.00

Bottomless Coffee Mon-Fri 5.00

Latte, Mocha, Matcha 3.87 / 4.54

Red Eye 3.86 / 4.75

Americano 2.75 / 4.25

Chai 4.09 / 4.77

Cappuccino 3.85

Espresso 2.75 for a 2oz shot

Tea 2.20

Drinking Chocolate 5.00

Hot Cocoa 3.75



Super thick shakes made with soy or coconut vegan ice cream

Chocolate love 6.50/7.25

Classy vanilla 6.50/7.25

Creamsicle 6.75/7.50

Cookies n' shake 6.75/7.50

Vanilla brownie 8.00/8.75

Espresso 6.75/7.50

Peanut butter fudge 6.75/7.50



Craft Beer Selection 7.00 

Boozy Shakes
Mudslide 10.50
Bourbon vanilla bean  10.50
Creamsicle rum 11.25                                   

Coffee with a kick
Creamy kahlua au lait 7.00
Spiced rum coconut latte 9.00

Add a shot to any drink  +4.00
bourbon * rum * kahlua * vodka




Of course we cater!  Call for delivery options;

Breakfast Sampler 39.99, serves 12
4 sticky buns, 4 muffins, and 4 english muffins with spread

Dessert Sampler 33.99, serves 12
Cookies, brownies, cowvin cookies and little devils

Lunch Box (prices vary)
Your choice of sandwich, salad or wrap, chips or side and a signature cookie

Wrap Platter (129.00, serves 12)
Choose from our assorted wraps

Salads and Sides (starting at 18, serves 6)
Choose from our assorted salads and sides

We believe in Sweets and Eats for everyone—even if you have wheat sensitivities!

We offer WHEAT-FREE ITEMS but we are NOT a gluten free facility. Our staff is trained on the importance of these allergies so that we can provide wheat-free products with as little exposure to cross-contamination as possible. We ensure that utensils, machinery and displays are cleaned and sanitized between use, but please take note, there may still be particles in the air.