Serving Sizes

6-inch cakes serve 6 to 8

9-inch cakes serve 12 to 18

Please note

=  wheat-free option available for an additional $5 for a 6-inch cake and $15 for a 9-inch cake

Call the shop to order.

202-299-9700 (press 1)

No refunds are offered for cakes cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.


Pick a flavor from the menu below. Please order at least 48 hours in advance. 

6″ for $30 / 9″ for $55

Boston Crème
vanilla cake, custard, chocolate ganache

Chocolate Love*
chocolate cake, chocolate frosting

Classic Vanilla
vanilla cake, vanilla frosting

vanilla cake, espresso, Italian pastry crème

6″ for $35  /  9″ for $60

Chocolate Raspberry*
chocolate cake, organic raspberry filling, chocolate frosting

Cookies ‘n’ Cake
chocolate cake, cookie frosting, oreos

chocolate cake, vanilla mint frosting, covered in ganache

Lemon Filled Vanilla
vanilla cake, lemon curd, vanilla frosting

Rich Red Velvet
rich cocoa red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting

Vanilla Raspberry
vanilla cake, organic raspberry filling, vanilla frosting

6″ for $40 / 9″ for $70

Almond Crème
vanilla cake, almond crème frosting, filled and coated with toasted almonds

Almond Fudge*
chocolate cake, almond fudge frosting, filled and coated with toasted almonds

Bunny Huggers Carrot Walnut
carrot-walnut cake with crème cheese frosting, coated in walnuts

Chocolate Mocha*
chocolate cake, coffee frosting with espresso, coffee beans, cocoa

coconut cake, vanilla frosting, filled and coated with toasted coconut

Peanut Butter Fudge*
chocolate cake, peanut butter frosting, toasted peanuts, chocolate drizzle

Rocky Road
chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, marshmallow mousse, marshmallows, toasted almonds, brownies, chocolate drizzle

chocolate cake, marshmallow mousse, toasted marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate drizzle

Triple Chocolate*
chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache

Vanilla Latte
vanilla cake, coffee frosting with espresso, coffee beans, nutmeg

6″ for $42 / 9″ for $75

Coconut Almond Joy
coconut cake, almond crème frosting, layered with toasted almonds and coconut, coated in coconut, topped with ganache

vanilla cake, peanut butter frosting, layered with raspberry jam, coated in peanuts


Choose your basic flavor and then add your favorite fancy design. 

48 hours notice required. Design fees are in addition to the cost of the cake.


Call for more details: 202-299-9700

Want something you don't see on the FANCY menu? Get a totally custom design! Custom design fees start at $80.

Looking for wedding cakes? Check out our weddings page

We believe in Sweets & Eats for everyone—even if you have wheat sensitivities! 

We offer wheat-free items, but we are NOT a gluten-free facility. Our staff is trained on the importance of these allergies so that we can provide wheat-free products with as little exposure to cross-contamination as possible. We ensure that utensils, machinery, and displays are cleaned and sanitized between use, but please take note that there may still be particles in the air.